Get Involved

Elections are the perfect time to speak up for children and youth.

Here are some ways you can contribute to positive change for youth and children in your community during an election campaign:

  • VOTE!
  • Discuss the issues in this toolkit with friends, neighbours and family.
  • Attend or organize an all-candidates meeting, and ask the questions included in this toolkit.
  • Write to your local newspaper or call-in to a radio show.
  • Contact candidates and tell them you want them to support children and youth. Use the information and questions in this toolkit for speaking points.
  • Hold a public forum. It could be as simple as gathering friends to talk about the issues over coffee. Or, hold a larger event and invite candidates to attend. Include youth and marginalized groups in the planning and organizing.
  • Join a local advocacy group that focuses on a child and youth issue of concern to you.
  • Encourage any group of which you’re a member, such as faith or cultural groups, to promote child and youth well-being in the campaign.
  • Use social media to publicize your conversations with candidates.