Child Poverty in the News

British Columbia

Another generation of B.C. children has grown up in poverty: new report

Lori Culbert | The Vancouver Sun | January 14, 2020

One out of every five B.C. children continue to live in poverty in B.C., says the annual First Call poverty report card to be released today. That’s 163,730 children without enough money for proper shelter, nutritious food or other basic necessities.


One in Five Children Still Live in Poverty in BC. Can We Ever Improve?

Katie Hyslop | | January 14, 2020

Another report card, another stagnant rate. But advocates insist there are solutions.



1 in 5 children live in poverty, national report card says

Christy Somos | CTV News | January 14, 2020

Inaction on poverty costs Canada

Opinion | Niigaan Sinclair | Winnipeg Free Press | January 13, 2020

Can treating poverty change a child’s brain?
A groundbreaking study is testing whether an injection of cash for poorer families can reshape a child’s early life and educational outcomes
Shannon Proudfoot | Macleans Magazine | January 6, 2020