Report Card

First_Call_Report_Card_2015_cover_LARGEFirst Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition with the support of SPARC BC produces an annual report card with the latest statistics on child and family poverty in British Columbia. This is done in conjunction with the release of the national child poverty report card by Campaign 2000.

First Call has been tracking child and family poverty rates in BC for nearly two decades. Our first provincial report card containing data for 1994 showed that one in five BC children were poor. It is profoundly disappointing that nineteen years later the data still shows that one in five BC children are poor.

We know that such a widespread problem requires policy changes and social investments from our provincial and federal governments. It’s a question of priorities. The BC Child Poverty Report Card includes a list of recommendations that would make a real difference to the size and depth of BC’s child and family poverty problem.



INTRODUCTION: Still in Denial
FACT SHEET 1: BC’s Child Poverty Rate Still 1 in 5
FACT SHEET 2: BC’s Child Poverty Rates Over Time
FACT SHEET 3: BC Child Poverty by Family Type
FACT SHEET 4: Depth of Family Poverty
FACT SHEET 5: Poor Families Facing Food and Housing Challenges
FACT SHEET 6: Child Poverty and Working Parents
FACT SHEET 7: Families with Children on Welfare
FACT SHEET 8: Child Poverty Across BC Regions
FACT SHEET 9: Child Poverty in Metro Vancouver
FACT SHEET 10: Incomes of Families with Children: Growing Inequality
FACT SHEET 11: Importance of Government Help: Public Policy Matters
RECOMMENDATIONS: What Needs to Happen
APPENDIX 1 Data and Measures of Poverty
APPENDIX 2 Child Poverty in BC Urban Areas Outside of Metro Vancouver